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Our Clients

We have worked with over three thousand clients from around the world. From Fortune 500 to small businesses. Here is a sample list of our past clients.

Our specialized services

Our team can consult, execute, and deliver the following technologies.

Promise what we can deliver, deliver what we promise

Any good sales team can put up a nice dog-and-pony show to promise just about anything. We hold our reputation in check to only promise you the things that we can deliver (on time, on budget, and on value).


Everything is possible in technology *

* As long as there is infinite time, money, and skills, everything is possible. We understand the balance between the desire and reality and we strike to advise and deliver the best combination to our clients.


Technology is a channel to deliver business value

We are a group of passionate technologists who aim to deliver the value first and foremost to our clients. We only advise the necessary technology to accomplish the goals.


Our Team

Bramcolm is a team of seasoned consultants. We have the depth and breadth necessary to help you achieve your most complex goals and the agility to respond to changing business landscapes.